Version: 1.4.x

Train or Upload a Model

Rasa Enterprise can act as a model server. To use it as a model server, you need to add a model to the model's screen. To iterate efficiently, you should automate training, uploading, and tagging a model as part of a CI/CD pipeline.

Adding a Model

You can add a model to Rasa Enterprise in the following ways:

Adding a model
  1. Using the HTTP API
  2. Using the UI to upload a model from your file system.
  3. By training a model from within Rasa Enterprise. Hitting the train button within Rasa Enterprise will send a training request including the data and config currently in Rasa Enterprise to the Rasa Open Source Server that is connected as the training/worker environment. Training in the UI should only be done during development; production models should always be uploaded from a CI/CD pipeline.

Deploying a Model

To deploy your trained model, you need to tag it as production. Once you have a model available on the Models screen, you can tag the model using the UI or the REST API.