This is documentation for Rasa X/Enterprise Documentation v1.1.x, which is no longer actively maintained.
For up-to-date documentation, see the latest version (1.4.x).

Version: 1.1.x

Create / Update Rasa Enterprise Users

You can either create users from the UI, or on the command line from within the Rasa Enterprise pod. The instructions below are for creating or updating users on the command line from within the Rasa Enterprise pod.

  1. Get the name of the Rasa Enterprise pod:
kubectl --namespace <your namespace> \
get pod -l
# The output should be similar to this
rasa-rasa-x-6dcf57bb45-jnt4f 1/1 Running 2 17h

rasa-rasa-x-6dcf57bb45-jnt4f is in our case the name of the Rasa Enterprise container.

  1. Connect to the shell of this pod:
kubectl --namespace <your namespace> \
exec -it <name of the Rasa Enterprise pod> bash
  1. Run the following command to create a new user. Please see Role-Based Access Control for available default roles.

    python scripts/ create <username> <password> <role>
  2. To update the password of an existing user (by default, the username for the single Rasa Enterprise user is admin and its role is admin) run the following command:

    python scripts/ create --update <username> <password> <role>

If you created a deployment via rasactl, the namespace name is the same as a deployment name. You can use the rasactl list command to display available deployments.