This is documentation for Rasa Documentation v2.x, which is no longer actively maintained.
For up-to-date documentation, see the latest version (3.x).

Version: 2.x

Introduction to Rasa Open Source

Rasa is an open source machine learning framework for automated text and voice-based conversations. Understand messages, hold conversations, and connect to messaging channels and APIs.

Prototype an Assistant

Try out Rasa Open Source before you install by prototyping in the Rasa Playground.

Quick Install

Install Rasa Open Source with a quick pip command.

Migrate from 1.x

Coming from Rasa Open Source 1.x? Check out our 1.x to 2.x migration guide.

Legacy Docs

These docs are for Rasa Open Source 2.0 and later. You can find documentation for Rasa Open Source 1.x at