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The Challenge

Orange is a leader in the telecom industry, with 273M clients across 28 countries. As the #1 telecom brand in France and the #8 brand worldwide, maintaining high customer service availability while meeting the demands of a growing customer base is vital.

The goal for Orange was twofold: to decrease the number of technical support contacts handled via phone and eChat while improving the overall customer experience. To achieve this, Orange set out to create an interactive, self-service resource capable of first-line technical troubleshooting and answering questions about customer accounts.

The Solution

Orange France developed Djingo: a contextual AI assistant that can assist customers with internet, phone, and TV troubleshooting--quickly and in a personalized way.

Djingo interacts with customers much like a human chat agent, through a text-based conversational interface available on Orange’s website, Skype, or Facebook Messenger. Djingo can look up account information, answer questions about billing, and help customers diagnose internet or phone connectivity issues.

Djingo does all of this on top of a 100% open source stack, including Rasa for NLU and dialogue management. Orange chose Rasa for its flexibility, its ability to execute on premise, and its fully machine learning-based approach. With every conversation users have with Djingo, the assistant learns and improves, providing greater accuracy over time.

The Results

Since deploying Djingo, Orange has reduced the number of support contacts handled by human agents, reducing costs and optimizing agent workloads by automating responses to the most common issues.

And most importantly, customer satisfaction is on the rise, with the ability to resolve issues when they happen, day or night.

We developed a real partnership with Rasa based on 3 axes: developing skills rapidly, correcting bugs quickly, and sharing a wish list with the dev team. Happy customers, happy developers, a win-win partnership!

Richard Popa, Project Leader and Solutions Manager at Orange

Industry: Telecom

Location: France

Employees: 150k+

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