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Conversational AI is part of the future of IVR

Voice is a preferred channel

85% of customers communicate with contact centers via voice

Voice-first strategy

81% of companies enable transfer to voice in their digital channels

Enhanced security

80% of companies plan on using voice applications such as voice biometrics

Superior Customer Care

Level up from the yes/no decision trees and menus in traditional IVR solutions. Train your Rasa AI Assistant to handle queries in natural language over the phone.

  • No more wait times - AI powered IVR Assistants give immediate service 24 hours a day
  • Reduce cost per contact by directing routine queries to your AI Assistants so agents can focus on the more complex problems
  • Enhance Agent productivity by passing on conversation context to live agents in the case of a handoff

Personalized Service

  • Increase customer satisfaction with personalised solutions
  • Boost revenue and upsell with confidence with customised offers
  • Bring your brand voice to life by customizing the customer journey and tone of voice

Handle complex procedures

With Rasa’s machine learning-based dialogue management you can guide your customers through technical support or multi-step processes without the limitations of traditional decision tree-based dialogue

  • Reduce handling time with Rasa’s machine learning-based approach to dialogue that allows for faster solutions with less clarification
  • Enhance understanding of user queries with our flexible NLU Pipeline that allows for deep customizations

Enterprise ready voice solution for Rasa Pro

We partnered with AudioCodes to bring you a complete conversational AI enhanced voice solution that allows you to plug and play your preferred engagement channel and voice technologies in order to help your team achieve faster time to value with Rasa Pro.

Additional Rasa Connectors

Want to build it yourself? We offer a suite of additional voice connectors to help your team connect to common messaging and voice channels. You can also build your own custom connectors so you can connect to your website or app.