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Explore the possibilities of generative conversational AI


Natural Language Generation (NLG)

Out of scope is now in scope. Try our NLG response rephraser and never leave your users hanging again with an “I don’t understand” response.


LLM Intent Classification

More data isn’t always better. Streamline and improve natural language understanding with our LLM Intent Classifier.


Intentless Policy

Conversation isn’t predictable. Try our intentless dialogue policy to gracefully handle complex dialogue turns.

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  • Read the Docs to determine which Rasa lab(s) you want to trial
  • Reach out to your customer success manager to express interest! If you are not sure who to contact, you can email us here:
  • We’ll help set you up with your lab and welcome your feedback about how we can make it better

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  • Want to try a Rasa Lab? You’ll need a Rasa Pro license and access to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to download the software
  • We also work with innovative teams that would like to evaluate Rasa in an enterprise context

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  • The Rasa Labs program is intended for our customers and should be tested in an enterprise context
  • Keep checking in on our YouTube channel where our Developer Advocacy team has been busy providing community focused tutorials for how you can leverage Generative AI in your Rasa Projects

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