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Rasa Pro

Infrastructure: Pilots, Supported Configurations & Production Deployment

Extend the power of Rasa Open Source by connecting the dots with Rasa Pro. Integrate with apps, observe system performance, or link up to your favorite dashboard. All powered by the most flexible Conversational AI framework on the market.

  • CALM - Conversational AI with Language Models
  • Language-agnostic Natural Language Understanding
  • ML-powered Dialogue Management or Flows
  • Enterprise Search
  • Contextual Response Rephraer
  • Custom Actions Server (Rasa SDK)
  • Channel connectors (REST and Websocket)
  • Kubernetes deployment support through Helm
  • End-to-End Testing
  • Real-Time Markers
  • PII Data Management
  • Dependency vulnerability protection
  • Secrets management powered by Vault
  • Observability (OpenTelemetry)
  • Multi-Node Concurrency (Redis)
  • Conversational Data Pipeline (Kafka)
  • IVR Connector to AudioCodes VoiceAI Connect (available through additional purchase)

Deployment modes:

Rasa Platform

Rasa Pro  +  Rasa Studio

Everything you get with Rasa Pro, plus Rasa Studio, our no-code user interface for AI assistant building, tuning, and management

Enabling conversational AI teams with the collaborative, no-code UI they need to build AI assistants. With Studio, you can build with our generative AI native conversational AI approach, make key improvements, and update content with ease.

  • No-code AI Assistant builder that leverages CALM, our generative AI-native approach to conversational AI
  • Testing panel to try out what you build
  • Collaborative annotation workflow for teams
  • Content management system to update and manage training data
  • Publish changes direct in the UI
  • Single-Sign-On (SSO)
  • Role-based Access Control (RBAC)

Deployment modes:

Explore different support levels

Standard Support

Our standard offering includes:

  • Reactive web-based support through our online portal
  • Access to a named Customer Success Manager
  • Self-Managed (On–prem or Private Cloud)

Premium Support

Trust our most proactive, personalized expertise to help you optimize your Rasa solutions.

Our premium offering includes:

  • All features of our standard offering plus enhanced response times
  • Success planning
  • Best practice guidance
  • Quarterly business review
  • Access to a named Customer Success Engineer