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Rasa Pro Developer Edition

The Developer Edition gives you access to Rasa Pro and our dialogue engine CALM (Conversational AI with Language Models) free of charge. It can be run on your laptop, desktop, or your remote development environment for non-production use. Detailed license terms can be found here.

How to Get Started

Fill out your email below and we'll send you a license key.

Preparing for Production?

If you are ready to start building in production and want to run Rasa Pro on a server then let us know.

Rasa's Support and Feedback Channels

Rasa values the experiences and insights of early adopters. Hearing from teams pushing the limits of Rasa reflects a dedication to collaborative growth. Share your feedback, be a part of the conversation, and contribute to the ongoing evolution of CALM and the broader field of conversational AI. Head to our community forum to share your feedback and questions.