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Stop forcing customers to navigate your org chart

From level 1 to level 5 AI assistants, every step lowers the burden on the end user to translate what they want into the language of your organization.

Today’s customer experience presents a maze of disjointed self-service options. But your customers shouldn’t worry about which department can handle their request. Let them describe what they want in their own words. Let them talk to you as one.

It’s not a bot, it’s your brand.

Rasa’s vision is to transform how people interact with organizations through AI

Our journey to level 5 conversational AI won’t happen overnight, but this is the vision that brings together all that we do at Rasa.

From building the world-leading infrastructure that the biggest brands use to build their flagship AI assistants, to building a collaborative software platform for teams of conversation designers, developers, data scientists, and domain experts to work together to create the best assistants in the market.

Impacts on your business

We partner with ambitious teams who want to push the limits of what this technology can do for people.

Automate manual tasks

Increase employee productivity and efficiency by allowing them to focus their time on higher value activities.

Elevate customer satisfaction

Always-on service and support means instant gratification or a quick escalation to a human who can help

Deliver transformative digital experiences

Technology-enhanced service makes it easy to see expansion opportunities and scale