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Rasa Pro: Built with the Rasa Open Source Framework

With over 25+ million downloads, Rasa is the most-used conversational AI Framework on the market.

Extensible Natural Language Understanding

The Rasa open conversational AI framework isn’t a black box. This gives you the freedom to plug and play language models like BERT and GPT into Rasa, or bring your own embeddings. Understand your customers in their own words, in any langage.

Contextual Dialogue Manager

Rasa’s Machine learning-powered dialogue manager levels up the standard conditional dialogue tree. You can use it out of the box, or update and customize it for more contextual dialogue flows.

Additional Rasa Pro Capabilities

Extend our open source framework with analytics, security and observability capabilities.


With daily security scanning, we ship regularly patched Docker images to make sure dependencies are always up to date and your environment is secure.


Advanced deployment capabilities with Kubernetes deployment support through Helm. Additionally, take advantage of Rasa-as-a-Service offering to run the Rasa Platform for you in your preferred cloud.


Built-in Multi-Channel Connectors plus endpoints to connect with databases, APIs, voice IVRs, and other data sources.


Resolve performance issues faster and identify bottlenecks through OpenTelemetry-based tracing.


Visualize Rasa assistant metrics in the tooling (BI tools, data warehouses) of your choice with our Conversation Analytics Pipeline to track and identify places for improvement.

Try it, build it, scale it!