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Why Join the Rasa Partner Program?

We partner with ambitious teams who want to push the limits of what this technology can do for people.

Move Beyond GenAI POCs

Rasa provides a proprietary approach to building conversational AI with language models (CALM), ensuring hallucination-free, brand-aligned responses and safe production deployment.

Most Popular Platform

With over 50 million downloads, Rasa is loved by developers worldwide and is supported by a growing community committed to making better AI assistants.

Early Developer Access

Get early access to sales and developer enablement, certifications, roadmap and support to ensure your teams are on the cutting-edge of technology.

Join the Rasa Partner Program

Share your details and the type of partnership you're interested in exploring. Should you have a specific proposal for creating an AI Assistant on the Rasa Platform, we'll prioritize your inquiry (potentially qualifying you for our referral program).

Partner Highlight


Rasa has partnered with izertis, a multinational technology consulting company that helps clients achieve their digital transformation goals. izertis has been at the forefront of innovations like GenAI, and together with Rasa’s Conversational AI platform will be helping clients deploy best in class AI assistants globally. Learn more about them here.

Rasa Partner Ecosystem

System Integrator

Develop globally impactful solutions by aligning clients with Rasa's technology. We work with partners (including professional services and staff augmentation) from proof of concepts to production deployments.


Create offerings that achieve global impact by aligning clients with Rasa's benefits. We collaborate with our SI partners from initial proofs of concept through to full-scale production deployments.


Mutual referral partnership where Rasa directs customers to our Partner for implementation and consulting services, while the Partner refers customers to us and sells the Rasa Platform subscription.


Embed Rasa software into your own proprietary solutions, including premium features and world-class support, to sell or lease to customers.


A network of complimentary software solutions that expand Rasa solutions to jointly help our customers and promote interoperability between partner technologies and Rasa.


Our regional and channel partners are value-added resellers who distribute Rasa subscriptions, act as referral partners, and specialize in sales partnerships and opportunity generation.