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The Challenge

A large European telecom company surveyed their customers and found two-thirds didn't know how to upgrade their mobile plan. Sales increased after integrating live chat into their web portal and mobile apps, however staffing costs skyrocketed.

As customer satisfaction tends to be low in the telecom industry, introducing a simple FAQ bot that would disappoint users was not an option. The company wanted to make sure the underlying technology can be adapted into multiple languages and works with proprietary backend systems.

The Solution

Rasa is a powerful, machine learning-based solution that allowed the company to automate complex conversations. Tailored to their enterprise IT landscape and deployed on-prem, the in-house product team completed a Proof of Concept within two months.

With proof of concept successful, the management was convinced to further invest. With fully automated conversations, the AI assistant was able to achieve a human-like sales conversion while keeping costs low. The company will now be rolling out the AI assistant in more languages and adding use cases.