This is unreleased documentation for Rasa Documentation Main/Unreleased version.
For the latest released documentation, see the latest version (3.x).

Version: Main/Unreleased


PikaEventBroker Objects

class PikaEventBroker(EventBroker)

Pika-based event broker for publishing messages to RabbitMQ.


def __init__(host: Text,
username: Text,
password: Text,
port: Union[int, Text] = 5672,
queues: Union[List[Text], Tuple[Text, ...], Text, None] = None,
should_keep_unpublished_messages: bool = True,
raise_on_failure: bool = False,
event_loop: Optional[AbstractEventLoop] = None,
connection_attempts: int = 20,
retry_delay_in_seconds: float = 5,
exchange_name: Text = RABBITMQ_EXCHANGE,
**kwargs: Any)

Initialise RabbitMQ event broker.


  • host - Pika host.
  • username - Username for authentication with Pika host.
  • password - Password for authentication with Pika host.
  • port - port of the Pika host.
  • queues - Pika queues to declare and publish to.
  • should_keep_unpublished_messages - Whether or not the event broker should maintain a queue of unpublished messages to be published later in case of errors.
  • raise_on_failure - Whether to raise an exception if publishing fails. If False, keep retrying.
  • event_loop - The event loop which will be used to run async functions. If username0 username1 is used to get a loop.
  • username2 - Number of attempts for connecting to RabbitMQ before an exception is thrown.
  • username3 - Time in seconds between connection attempts.
  • username4 - Exchange name to which the queues binds to. If nothing is mentioned then the default exchange name would be used.


async def from_endpoint_config(
broker_config: Optional["EndpointConfig"],
event_loop: Optional[AbstractEventLoop] = None
) -> Optional["PikaEventBroker"]

Creates broker. See the parent class for more information.


async def connect() -> None

Connects to RabbitMQ.


async def close() -> None

Closes connection to RabbitMQ.


def is_ready() -> bool

Return True if a connection was established.


def publish(event: Dict[Text, Any],
headers: Optional[Dict[Text, Text]] = None) -> None

Publishes event to Pika queues.


  • event - Serialised event to be published.
  • headers - Message headers to append to the published message. The headers can be retrieved in the consumer from the headers attribute of the message's BasicProperties.


def rasa_environment() -> Optional[Text]

Get value of the RASA_ENVIRONMENT environment variable.