This is unreleased documentation for Rasa Documentation Main/Unreleased version.
For the latest released documentation, see the latest version (3.x).

Version: Main/Unreleased

GraphV1Recipe Objects

class GraphV1Recipe(Recipe)

Recipe which converts the graph model config to train and predict graph.


def get_targets(config: Dict, training_type: TrainingType) -> Tuple[Text, Any]

Return NLU and core targets from config dictionary.

Note that default recipe has nlu_target and core_target as fixed values of run_RegexMessageHandler and select_prediction respectively. For graph recipe, target values are customizable. These can be used in validation (default recipe does this validation check) and during execution (all recipes use targets during execution).


def graph_config_for_recipe(
config: Dict,
cli_parameters: Dict[Text, Any],
training_type: TrainingType = TrainingType.BOTH,
is_finetuning: bool = False) -> GraphModelConfiguration

Converts the default config to graphs (see interface for full docstring).