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  • Rasa Pro, a drop-in replacement for Rasa Open Source
  • Rasa Pro Services, flexible infrastructure and APIs on top of Rasa Open Source. Rasa Pro Services should be deployed alongside, but separately from your production assistant.

Rasa Pro includes the Rasa Plus Python package, which is a drop-in replacement for Rasa Open Source that includes all the functionality of Rasa Open Source as well as additional features. Rasa Pro features are built on a plugin architecture that is seamlessly integrated with Rasa Open Source.

For example, in the below diagram, tracing is run as a hook implementation in Rasa Plus, whose specification is defined and registered in Rasa Open Source.


The hook configures the tracing backend as specified in the endpoints.yml and instruments model training and message handling actions. The hook is then called within the Rasa Open Source main module, which is the entry point for the Rasa Open Source command line.

The plugin architecture enables Rasa Pro to continue enhancing the Rasa Open Source argument parser while maintaining the same runnable command name (rasa).