Version: 3.x


RasaException Objects

class RasaException(Exception)

Base exception class for all errors raised by Rasa Open Source.

These exceptions result from invalid use cases and will be reported to the users, but will be ignored in telemetry.

RasaCoreException Objects

class RasaCoreException(RasaException)

Basic exception for errors raised by Rasa Core.

InvalidParameterException Objects

class InvalidParameterException(RasaException, ValueError)

Raised when an invalid parameter is used.

YamlException Objects

class YamlException(RasaException)

Raised if there is an error reading yaml.


def __init__(filename: Optional[Text] = None) -> None

Create exception.


  • filename - optional file the error occurred in

YamlSyntaxException Objects

class YamlSyntaxException(YamlException)

Raised when a YAML file can not be parsed properly due to a syntax error.

FileNotFoundException Objects

class FileNotFoundException(RasaException, FileNotFoundError)

Raised when a file, expected to exist, doesn't exist.

FileIOException Objects

class FileIOException(RasaException)

Raised if there is an error while doing file IO.

InvalidConfigException Objects

class InvalidConfigException(ValueError, RasaException)

Raised if an invalid configuration is encountered.

UnsupportedFeatureException Objects

class UnsupportedFeatureException(RasaCoreException)

Raised if a requested feature is not supported.

SchemaValidationError Objects

class SchemaValidationError(RasaException, jsonschema.ValidationError)

Raised if schema validation via jsonschema failed.

InvalidEntityFormatException Objects

class InvalidEntityFormatException(RasaException, json.JSONDecodeError)

Raised if the format of an entity is invalid.


def create_from(cls, other: json.JSONDecodeError,
msg: Text) -> "InvalidEntityFormatException"

Creates InvalidEntityFormatException from JSONDecodeError.

ConnectionException Objects

class ConnectionException(RasaException)

Raised when a connection to a 3rd party service fails.

It's used by our broker and tracker store classes, when they can't connect to services like postgres, dynamoDB, mongo.