Version: 3.x

Rasa Pro

Rasa Pro is the commercial, pro-code offering of Rasa built to address enterprise needs around security, observability and scale.

Rasa Pro integrates seamlessly with enterprise technology stacks and is the recommended platform for all Rasa enterprise customers. To read more about installing Rasa Pro, click here.

Rasa Pro Features

Analytics with Conversational Data Pipeline

Visualise Rasa metrics in a third-party tool to measure the performance of your assistant.

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Concurrent Lock Store

Scale deployment and reliably handle high volumes of traffic across multiple Rasa instances with the confidence that no messages will be dropped.

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End-to-End Testing

Test your assistant with our end-to-end testing solution designed to meet enterprise-grade integration and acceptance testing criteria.

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IVR Voice Connector

Integrate with best-in-class IVR systems through our OOTB voice connectors.

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Observability (Tracing)

Resolve performance issues faster and identify bottlenecks in message handling and model training.

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PII Handling

Anonymize PII (Personal Identifiable Information) in logs and events streamed via the Kafka event broker.

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Real-Time Markers

Mark points of interest in conversations to support the targeted analysis of user journeys real time.

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Secrets Management

Enhance security with our seamless Vault integration, enabling dynamic credential rotation for Rasa databases without system disruptions.

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Security Scanning for Vulnerability Protection

Nightly and proactive security patches on your docker image to make sure dependencies are always up to date.

Spaces (Alpha Release)

Modularize your assistant for better scaling and team collaboration.

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